A Global Marketplace for the safe and secure trading of secondary metals

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Remechain is an open Buyer-Supplier ecosystem, available for all participants of the global secondary metal & Instagram Services market. Platform is built on the transparent transaction conditions and fast providing of the unified information and reporting. Remechain reduces costs on all stages of working with a secondary metals for a fast, efficient and safe interaction without intermediaries. By decreasing the number of intermediaries and transactions and extending the usage of secondary metals Remechain helps to reduce the harmful effect of mining industry on the ecology of the planet.

What’s the benefits?

Contract enforcement

Automation of the process of purchasing and supplying scrap

Open history of the transactions and reputation-based membership system

Self-regulation according to the market needs

Reducing of production costs

Remechain is the marketplace based on the blockchain technology for trading scrap metals and decentralized online IO games from

Economic goals

Turnover on the platform, $ mln


The amount of stored natural resources iron ore, mln tons



Q3 2017
Project generation
  • Creating an issuer model
  • Conducting a marketing campaign
  • Conducting Pre-ICO
Q1-2 2018
Commercial start
  • Alpha prototype testing among the community
  • Creating and beta testing of the working model
  • Creating and testing a mobile application
  • Conducting an ICO
  • Launch of the Remechain platform in Russia
Q3 2018
Germany and Turkey
market entry
  • Adaptation of the platform for work in Turkey and Germany
  • Drawing up a compliances matrix of Russian and European standards
  • Integration of tax and customs optimization for international trade
  • Launch of the Remechain platform in Turkey and Germany
Q4 2018
China market entry
  • Adaptation of the platform for operations in China
  • Drawing up a matrix of correspondences of international platform standards with Chinese
  • Integration of tax and customs optimization for international trade
  • Launch of the Remechain platform in China
Q1-2 2019
World market
  • Getting started with non-ferrous metals
  • Standardization of added nomenclatures for users from different countries
  • Standards compliance addition by curators from other countries approved on the platform
  • Integration of tax and customs optimization for international trade
  • World market entry
Q3 2019
Launching of all types of scrap
  • Getting started with alloys, scrapes, electronic and rare-earth scrap
  • Standardization of added nomenclatures for users from different countries
Q4 2019
Global expansion to work
other recyclables
  • Getting started with other recyclable resources
  • Standardization of added recyclable product for users from different countries


Иван Мясоедов
Ivan graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. From 1994 to 1999 he worked in the banking sector in top management positions, was a member of The Board of Metallurgical Commercial Bank Joint Stock Company. Since 2005, Ivan held leading positions in metal processing enterprises, founded a federal network of metal companies.

Ivan Myasoedov

Remechain Founder

"We create a simple and effective tool for market participants and make the world cleaner"

Геннадий Сидоренко
Graduated with honors from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Professor. Author and co-author of more than 180 scientific papers, including 2 inventions, 4 monographs, 4 teaching aids, several articles in scientific journals ( Gennady Ivanovich Sidorenko). As a leader and responsible executive, he took part in 52 projects, out of them 7 foreign ones. Currently Gennady works at Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great", Engineering and Construction Institute. Gennady Ivanovich conducts lectures on the following disciplines: Energy Economics, Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy, Methods for Solving Scientific and Technical Problems, Finite Element Method and its Application.

Gennadiy Sidorenko

Technical Expert

"When I learned about Remechain, I decided to become part of this team, to help the project in implementation, using the vast experience of past projects. Remechain is the future of the secondary metals market!"

Александр Андреев
Graduated from the Baltic State Technical University, St. Petersburg. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a degree in banking and securities. Graduated from the North-West Academy of Public Administration with a degree in public administration. Deputy CEO of LLC "Preservation of Resources". Led investment projects aimed to create industrial facilities for waste recycling in the Leningrad Region municipalities. Supervised operations for the environment protection and ensuring environmental security. Expert in recycling of waste and secondary raw materials.

Alexander Andreev

Recycling advisor

"I worked 15 years in waste management industry. One of Remechain's purposes is the environment protection. I believe that my experience will help in the implementation of the project"

Вивек Томер
Vivek Tomer has held many senior leadership roles in the chemical industry. He led a group in new product design in the automotive sector, power & telecom sector and alternative energy sector. During his time at Dow Chemical Company, he was responsible for identifying new business development opportunities and acquisition targets for the Wire and Cable business. He was also responsible for maintaining the intellectual property landscape of the business and thwart any IP threats from competitors. He has published more the 30 peer reviewed papers and holds 4 patents. He is the CEO and Co-founder of VICINTAS, LLC that brings science education to students from all over the world with minimum or no charge. He holds a B.S. degree in Physics, Hansraj College, University of Delhi and Masters in Physics from the University of Akron, USA. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at Penn State University Park in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Vivek Tomer

Scrap Advisor

"In the United States, I already worked with a project in the field of scrap metal. Having learned about Remechain, I immediately realized that the project has great potential, and I can make a great contribution to its development"

Дмитрий Чистяков
Dmitry graduated from the Cherepovets Metallurgical College in the direction "Software of Computer Engineering and Automated Systems". Dmitry has the skills to form and manage large development teams. The founder of the company Webest - the leader of web development of complex it-solutions in the region. Remechain is responsible for the technical implementation of the project.

Dimitry Chistyakov

Technical Director

"Teamwork is what each of us values in the Remechain project. Thanks to joint efforts, we can develop a project that will be in demand on the market"

Никита Прусс
He graduated from the International Banking Institute, St. Petersburg. Worked in the company "Smart Securities", where he managed projects in the field of corporate finance. Successfully conducted private and public offering of shares of the company "Leuvenuk" and bonds of a number of industrial companies. Has a certificate of the Central Bank of Russia, confirming the qualification in the financial sphere - FSFM 1.0. Has PMBOK project management skills. He has practical experience in conducting Pre-ICO, as a co-manager of the project. In Remechain leads Pre-ICO and ICO.

Nikita Pruss

Lead project manager

"Remechain is important for me in terms of development, in this we are similar. This project will completely change the recycling market for the better standards, forget everything that was before it"

Алексей Петров
Alexey graduated from the Cherepovets State University with a degree in "Comprehensive protection of information objects". She studies in postgraduate studies, has 7 scientific publications in international journals. Successfully implemented more than 50 projects, including, including the introduction of new IT solutions. He is one of the founders of Webest ( - the leader of web development of complex it-solutions in the region. The company specializes in the development of mobile applications and integrated marketing of new products. In Remechain, the architecture of the application, the development of the project block is responsible.

Alexey Petrov

System Architect (Ethereum Architect)

"If you enjoy the tools used, the work will be done successfully"

Александр Лимм
I am an entrepreneur and an enthusiast in the field of blockchain technologies. I studied at the Gatchina Economic Institute on a speciality «Finance and credit». For the first time I supported bitcoin in 2013, when its market rate raised from 30$ to 265$. I am having the skills of creating, managing and analysis marketing campaigns. In the Remechain I am responsible for public relations and project promotion. My aim is to bring information to community in comfortable view. Previously, I worked with retail company LLC “Eurodome” (Velikiy Novgorod), logistic company – LLC “Divas” (Moscow). Also, I took a part at realization of 2 invest projects in 2016/2017 in the partnership with “Investment fund Saint-Petersburg”

Aleksandr Limm

Specialist in PR and marketing

"Remechain creates something that no one else has done. This is a pioneer project. I feel inspired as part of this big movement"

Даниил Мясоедов
Daniil graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Daniil worked more than a year for McKinsey & Company on a process optimization projects with more than 12 different teams with targets in energy, oil & gas, telecom, retail, metals & mining sectors. Daniil optimized capital expenditures of a USD 600M project in the energy industry with 15% expected cost reduction.

Daniil Myasoedov

Business Analyst

"I am inspired by the opportunity to introduce advanced blockchain technology for the real sector of the economy, becoming the market leaders in secondary metals market"

Айдар Карачурин
Graduated from UGUES (Ufa State University of Economics and Service). Co-founder of the digital agency full-cycle PLUS8. Director of the legal company "Military Medical College" in St. Petersburg. The author of more than 100 projects. Examples: Aydar is qualified in the design and design of mobile applications.

Aidar Karachurin

Platform Manager

"Remechain qualitatively changes one of the most conservative markets, reducing consumption and simplifying interaction. Remechain is a very significant project that develops the concept of honest, conscious relationships in big business"

Remechain - this is the future of the global market of recycling of metals with a turnover of $100 billion.